Speed on two wheels: That has been iXS’ core business right from the start. A big name in the world of motorbikes, iXS has become one of the leading manufacturers of sportswear and protective gear for mountain bikers over the last decade. And that is no coincidence: When developing functional bike wear or sturdy protective gear, a close cooperation with a large number of athletes is essential. It’s these athletes who deliver important feedback, thus helping to further improve existing products.

And mind you: Small details can make all the difference out on the trails. The result: Protective gear that you can fully rely on. And technical, functional sportswear tailored from high-tech fabrics and ready to be taken off the beaten paths – be it on long rides or in bike parks. And because looks do matter, iXS adds fresh designs as a lifestyle-related bonus.

Visit the IXS website for more info: www.ixs-sportsdivision.com

DVO Suspension

With over 80 years of accumulated experience in the suspension business, we have seen it all, we’ve seen the mistakes companies make by cutting costs and cutting corners and NOT taking care of the customer. We know first hand that an organization 100% focused on profits is a business plan we DON’T want to be a part of. Great companies are built from the quality and character of the people involved and we have some great people! We have all worked together for decades and we all have the same mindset to produce high quality products with great customer service. We love what we do, its 100% about suspension and enjoying the ride.

Our mindset is only focused on making a high quality, rider made products & excellent customer service. We know what adds up to gizmos and gadgets, adjusters that barely make a difference, product that isn’t fully developed so the rider becomes the test dummy, and customer service that ends at the cash register. That’s why we started DVO Suspension; It’s for riders by riders. DVO is a fully developed product so the customer doesn’t become our beta tester. We know that the cash register is where our customer service begins and standing behind our products is what produces brand loyalty.

Visit the DVO website for more info: www.dvosuspension.com


Founded in 1982, WTB has been defining State-of-the-Art cycling products since inception. With a profound focus on wheel, tire, rim, saddle, grip and accessory technology, this rider owned and staffed company builds superior products through constant real-world testing and ground-breaking passion for mountain biking.

Because WTB design both tires and rims, they have redefined the interface between these two vital components. A consistent tire bead diameter ensures a perfect fit to the TCS rim profile. This creates a near perfect tubeless seal. From valves, tape and sealant to spoke, nipples and hubs... WTB owns the wheel with top quality and affordable products.  

Visit the WTB website for more info: www.wtb.com


Spank started ten years ago as the dream child of South African designer/manufacturer Gavin Vos and German distributor Sven Mack. Their goal is to create the perfect symbiosis of weight optimization, enhanced performance, and cutting edge style.....all at competitive prices! The Upgrade Specialists!!

Spank have their own manufacturing facilities allowing them the unique advantage of being able to produce what they need when they need it. From these factories come products that are consistently the best strength-to-weight ratio products on the market. Spank services all disciples of MTB from XC to DH and Freeride.

Visit the Spank website for more info: www.spank-ind.com


Precision machined bike components designed, manufactured and assembled in Barnoldswick, England by ex-Rolls Royce engineers. Enough said! 

Made to perform, last and enhance your riding, Hope components are not only of the very best quality but come in a variety of now famous Hope colours. From the ruggedness of the World Cup Downhill circuit to the the slog of a multi-day epic, Hope products keep you rolling long after the competition fades. Hope hubs and brakes are in a league of their own. Once you ride with them you will understand.

Visit the Hope website for more info: www.hopetech.com



Winner of multiple international design awards, Birzman tools, pumps and accessories are designed to make bike maintenance easy and hassle free, giving you more time to do the riding you want to do. 

Birzman have managed to combine great design, great quality and great price into a single product range. They offer tools and accessories for the professional workshop, the amateur mechanic and the rider on his bike. Birzman tools get tested in the competitive arena of DH by the Santa Cruz Syndicate Team and on the XC circuit by the Multivan Merida Team making them the choice of some pretty serious riders! 

Visit the Birzman website for more info www.birzman.com 


Whether you're a hucker, a freerider, an all-mountain, Megavalanche, gravity junkie, or just some fellow who likes to ride his bike to clear his mind; whatever you call yourself, the KS dropper seatposts are made for you. With their innovative designs and superbly tested posts, well thought out features, trouble free use, and incredibly smooth action, KS has achieved the perfect balance in all the areas that count. 

Being able to adjust the height of your saddle is becoming the norm. From helping beginners to conquer that first scary slope to experienced riders flying down technical single track, KS posts allow you to adjust the height to the perfect setting on the fly. From entry level posts to the new KS Lev which has a revolutionary static cable actuation system, International Trade carries a selection of posts in stock and provides technical backup and servicing if required.

Visit the KS website for more info: www.kssuspension.com